Friday, 29 September 2017

Tawa games

Term 1
This Friday we Taught and played our integrity game to Tawa groups. After the first round we found that your game was to difficult. luckily we had a bye next so in that time we changed our game alot so it still involved integrity,different skills but we also added fitness in. I thin our new game worked a lot better.

I think that the attitude of the most of the kids were really good trying there hardest.

Making Bags

Last week on planning day Matua X came in to talk to us about ways we can save our earth from all the plastic. Room 13 came into our class so we could all make some bags, we made these bags from old T-shirts. First Matua X showed us how to make these bags it was quite simple. Then everyone got stuck in all we need is a T- shirt and sharp sissors. It was a fun way to help the earth.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Kawaka production

This term Kawaka team have been working very hard on our production. The production was New Zealand version of Annie. My role in the production was a foster kid I had to learn some lines and many dances. I thought the production turned out really good and was really fun to be a part of.