Monday, 27 June 2016

This term I have completed my science fair. I did mine on which animal  manure is best for plant growth. My hypothesis was that chicken manure was going to be best, I later found I was wrong and cow manure is best for plant growth. I found this project very exciting asI could not wait to find the final results.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Careers Expo

yesterday our team went on a trip to the careers expo held in Clauudelands. I think this trip gave us all ideas about what we want to do after high school. I found some interesting jobs. I also saw how much hard work it would to take. I think I might like to be a mechanic or a butcher.
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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Have you ever wondered what tectonic plates do? Well tectonic plates are what form the earth's crust that we live on.

There are 15 major plates on the world that can be up to 200 km thick and span thousands of kilometres. There are also some minor plates with a thickness of approximately 15km. Some plates edges can be straight through the middle of countries. Such as in New Zealand the edge of the Australian plate and Pacific plate straight through the middle of the north Island.

There are many different ways for the plates to collide. There are  three main ways they collide causing Friction, friction is what creates pressure and all the drama.The  friction is what creates magma.  The three ways they rub are over and under side to side like when strike a match and colliding like a head on car crash.

The different ways the tectonic plates rub can result in different phenomenon. Some result in forming big hills (volcanoes and mountains) most cause a tsunami, volcanoes erupting and earthquakes.

Tectonic plates are very important and are critical; at any moment the could rub and do some damage.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Enviro day

Last friday it was Enviro day, each class was signed to a job. Our class as assigned to learn about our water. where  it comes from, how much we use and how many taps do not get turned off properly therefore leak. Room 14 buddied up with a room 4 person and talked about what we use water for, we then gathered toto  the mat to learn about how much water we use. Wethen learnt about where our water comes from. wethen had to go out and count the taps in our school we found 60 and 3 were leaking. We then made some reminders to go around the taps to remind everyone to turn them tight.