Friday, 15 April 2016

Term 1 Reflection

This term has been a very exciting term. Including camp, swimming sports, inter house soft ball and triathlon...  my highlight was a mountain biking comp for the school we came second. I think this term I have really excelled in my my writing and math. I found the information changing but I pulled through and wrote a level 4B/ 4P report on term I think should work on my reading. Next term I am look forward for our science fair. Here is this terms student led conference.


Bridges are very strong and are made to create a path over any obstacle. There are lots of different styles of bridges made for different reasons.The materials they use are very interesting and they are often well designed.The history of bridges dates back thousands of years with some very old bridges still standing today.

There are lots of different types of bridges designed carefully for all sort of purposes. The truss bridges are designed for heavy weights and therefore are often used for trains. The beam bridge is normally used for cars to go over and is used for cars or boats to travel under. The arch and cantilever bridges are used to travel over long lengths of water. The suspension and cable stay are very similar bridges and are both used for long spans of land or water.

Material and Planning
Traditionally bridges were built with timber, rope and stone. More recently they use iron, steel and concrete. Bridges take a lot of theses materials and therefore company's value this. A lot of planning goes into bridges involving lots of different engineers testing dirt and material even before the bridge-building begins. The original designer needs a lot of second Apennines. It may take up to seven months to put the final plan on paper and then another   months up to a year until building even starts. A bridge can take up to __ years to build from start to finish.
Bridges have been used for over 3000 years. The first bridges were as simple as fallen trees creating a path over a river or stone pushed up to create a dam-like bridge. Later in time, concrete was introduced to the building world. Now most bridges are made with concrete and iron. The first iron bridge was made in 1779 and was over 100 feet long and used 378 tonnes of metal.

Bridges are used all over world. Their strength is incredible and some are very fantastic pieces of art and are big tourist attractions. Bridges are very important in this world making travel a lot easier.


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Friday, 8 April 2016

Weekly Reflection

This week we had student led conferences, I think I displayed the slide well to my parents. I am proud of my conference slideshow, because it had all my goals in and my proud moments in it. My biggest challenge this week was my information report, finding the facts on something new to me and writing a report on it. The report has not been marked yet, so next week I will share my results with you. I think I haved done well at writing reading summaries, and getting three ticks which is the best score. This Thursday, the year 8s went to leadership day so the year 7s were all in rm 12 for the day here is something I did