Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Climbing the Mountian

To the Summit
Hearing the students before me, listening to their excitement. Knowing that not far now my determination kicked in, my feet started to move. Faster, longer strides. No control. I was going to get there. The jaw-dropping sites came to me the white fluffy candyfloss clouds right before my eyes, blue waters in the distance with monstrous rocks greeting us. The tremendous feelings filled my body. Something my eyes had never seen. Nothing I had ever felt. Relief as I made my last step. I made it to the summit.

Empty head.  No words to describe the feeling. Time for lunch, although I was not hungry, at least I thought. I felt like an ant that had just climbed a massive rock. Time to leave. Nervousness excitement yet  readiness to descend as I took one last blink at the summit.

Today I made a pie gragh

 I made a graph of the most wanted super powers by year 8 though out New Zealand.

Friday, 19 February 2016

This week I have had lots of fun in writing making a movie poster I based this movie on lake Aripui biscurting. We had to write a review on the movie.

I really like the reading rotation this week I think I have learnt skimming and scanning.

Math I really think the mirror me is helping me I have memorized  the mode medain and mean.

We have been working hard on some art where we have to write our goals in and I have been thinking very hard on some goals.

IMG 1118 1

This term for our techwise with Mrs Vandy we are learning some filming skills. This is the MTV shot of me this video is on youtube.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

2016 Year 7
Hello this year I am in Mrs Vandys class. I am very looking forward to this year full of learning.
 already we have had to find a quote that inspires us and that can help me though out the year. 
So far I have really enjoyed Mrs Vandy.
at the moment I am 11 and at where I am so-posed to be in most of my subjects.