Thursday, 24 September 2015

In term 2 we investigated in speech writing here is my my speech  
thank you

Jay’s speech: Does New Zealand
still have the ANZAC spirit?

Quick,quick we are going to miss the parade. Do you think new zealand still has the ANZAC spirit? Because I do, and I will prove it.We show the ANZAC spirit in lots and I say lots of different ways. Like the six meanings,more people are turning up to the parades and how we respect the ANACS.

To begin with we need to thank the RSA you know the returned soldiers Association for organizing almost all new zealand parades for almost 100 years. If you did not already know or whenever your parents tell you you’re not listening  that ANZAC means Australian  New Zealand Army Corps.I describe the ANZACS as endurance,courage,ingenuity,good humour, lakesim and mateship. each year there is a ANZAC award handed to one person each year.
My opinion the turn out each year at parades increases. it is cool to see all the young kids learning about ANAC  if at school,preschool or college. I am proud that two of my great grandfathers were in a war one in ww1 and one in ww2.Each year on year on the week of ANZAC day New zealand and Australia host a ANZAC league match in onwere of the soldiers who fought for us.I think the perfect amount of money is spent on parades.

The conditions at war were horrible,walking over people who had not made it.We think it would be so easy to survive I use to think just “runaway”but after a while I learnt that if you got court you would be martialled and shot. You think thats all there were lots of diseases.there hospitals were not as good as ours now. We don’t know how lucky we are.

So now you know what ANZAC means, I think the population increases each year and what conditions were atrocious. In respect I encourage all of you to go to next years ANZAC parade and prove that you are proud of the brave men who went to war.
                          The Hill

Bbaaaaaaahhhhhhpppp, My irresistible 85 dirt bike fraught with energy as I accelerated up the dangerous track.

My grippy tires spin rapidly I seek a slippery rock in my path, WHACK I hit the smooth rock and ride right over it while wobbling frantically. My strong heart beats faster and faster my brain starts to spin. I turn the muddy corner at the same time I hit power bane in my head I am screaming arh!
I spy the open gate, I can smell my own relief. I creep up to the attractive gate.

Noticing, the big noise I depart to dad and he wanted to see me do it again I bravely answer with ok although in my head I am crying no no. I carefully putter down to the bottom and get ready to do it again dad gets into position.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

In term 2 we did our production were I was one of the main characters. I found this experience  challenging because I did not have that much help. I enjoyed the production I hope you did to.