Friday, 5 August 2016

Weekly Blog Reflection

This week we have had Mrs Bryant  for two days, and Mrs Gibson White for 3 days because Mrs Pemberton has broke her leg. Therefore this week was messy. Next week I am looking forward to to cross country.I am proud of my success writing. lately I have made the Bowers cup rugby team which mean I practice to times a week  and play two games every Sunday  and adding to that I am still playing my Saturday rugby which we sometime practise twice a week as well so I am very busy with my rugby.
Success is pride, perseverance, determination and bravery.
Success has no enemies only friends always helping each other.
Success is contagious if determination is around.
Success doesn't believe in failure or cheating.
Success doesn't brag he just encourages.
Success is never seen looking miserable.
His family contains respect, strength, responsibility, and belief.
Success is unstoppable.  

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