Friday, 19 August 2016

This week we had Mrs Ngapo we are going to have for a while but I think my behavior was not the best and next week I am going to improve it. In cross country I placed 4th so i went onto lower wiper where I  did not place.This friday it is our assembly our class is sharing dance and I am reading storey.


Remember that time
when we woke up early
to play sport on the freezing ground
layered with ice
our numb toes and hands
as we tried to warm up
landing on the hard ground
hearing the ice
crunch beneath us
sitting in the cold
discussing our game
with our team
then after our game
sitting around the table
eating a hot lamb roast
with roast potatoes  
swimming in mint sauce
ready to do it all again next week?
That was winter.

By Jay

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